Non-transparent time
The work is devoted to the category of time in the poetry and philosophy of Velimir Khlebnikov. In his central work “Boards of Fate,” Khlebnikov tried to create a mathematized philosophy of history, discover the order of time and, thereby, overcome it. This attempt is interpreted by the author as part of the utopia of the era of avant-garde and constructivism.
The sculpture is assembled from lines of Khlebnikov’s poetry where “Time” is mentioned, combined using matching words, as a symbolic representation of poetry in space and the search for the answer to time like a crossword puzzle.
Sculpture: metal pipes, 150 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm
Second part of the project is represented by mirror surfaces with Khlebnikov’s texts printed on the reverse side. Poems written in mirror sequence encourage the viewer to read syllable by syllable, like a child learning a new language. The inability to return to the correct sequence through the reflection that is on the other side, as a symbol of the inability to reverse time and arrange things in the correct order.
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